Water Treatment Plant in

SERA JHE TSE THANG KHANG TSENG 28 is led by our honorary president, Ven. Gueshe Lonsang Jamphel.  Sera Jhe monastery welcome around 150 monks of all ages, whom study and live in this spiritual residence. Most of these monks, as well as the refugees were forced to flee Tibet in extreme conditions.
In the monastery the monks receive a comprehensive and complete training in different disciplines like: Buddhist philosophy, math, physics, English, and others. Once the have finished their education, the monks can decide to abandon the religious training and join the secular lifestyle, if they so wish.
As in refugee camps, the monastery also use the same contaminated aquifers as a source of drinking water. Therefore, the installation of this water treatment plant has been of great importance to solve this serious health issue
In order to guarantee the proper operation of the water treatment plant, it has also been installed a storage battery (electrical energy source) because of the lack of a reliable and safe electric service (e.g. daily power failures) in these areas of India. The storage battery also improves the electricity supply service in the region of Kansheng.