Reform Dispensary NAMGYAL CLINIC

The state in which Namgyal Clinic has been found is very precarious. For this reason, those in charge of the camps transmitted us the priority of this reform.
Reform and maintenance of Namgyal Clinic.

April 2016:

During this year it has been possible to:

- Put new tiles and inside ceiling, repair a big part of the humidities of the walls and change part of the indoor floor  and all of the outside floor.

- Two wheelchairs have been purchased, making easy the movement of the sick and the elderly to the clinic.
- Repair the ambulance,
- Change the batteries of the solar streetlights.
- As every year, thanks to a hospital in Barcelona and other collaborators, we have been able to send about 25 kg of sanitary material.
For this year 2017, it is planned to finish the restoration of the walls, the indoor floor and to construct some washbasins outside because at the moment, they only have a latrine.